Sunday, 23 May 2010

Updates 23 May 2010

Hi There All!

Firstly, there are a few comments sent in for some of these discs. The records numbers they appear on are:-

500 - Label shot courtesy of Joe Watson.
503 - Comments from Dave Sax.
511 - Dave Sax again.
516 - Email from great grandson of artist. Plus my reply. Sadly, if you leave a comment, it comes up as anonymous so I can't reply by email. Perhaps one day he'll see the message and reply.
527 - Comment from Andrew Brown.
538 - Tommy Castle possibly also artist Tommy Cassel (Courtesy of Neil Scott / Tom Lincoln)
570 - 2 comments from Nate Gibson and Arnolds' son.

529 - A large update with photos on Otis Parker, courtesy of his daughter, Cheryl.

577 - A comment from Dave Sax and Andrew Brown with regards to Houston TX being listed under Starday releases. I've taken them out from the start up until 550. I'll do the rest next week.

580 - A little history of Fame 580 from Mack Banks.

I'm still trying to catch up on stuff (as I collect info on many other custom pressing companies) so I get behind a little sometimes in updating pages and adding new ones. I'll get there in the end :-)

Thanks to all who contributed.

Malcolm 23 May 2010.