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Buffalo, KY
Sept 56  (Billboard review on 27th Apr 57)
45-590-A - Why Did You Leave Me
(J R Sprawls / C Sanders)   (Starrite BMI)
45-590-B - Brand New Rock And Roll
(C Sanders)   (Starrite BMI)

Label states "A Product Of Sprawls Enterprises". Label was owned by Joel Ray Sprawls.
Curley Ray Sanders was born in 1935 in St John, KY. he was a DJ on WCTO (Campbellsville, KY) in 1956, and on WBRT (Bardstown, KY) in 1958. WBRT is where he recorded with Joe Brown on San Records, possibly paid for by Curley. He was a regular on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance (KY) in 1958.
I may not know much about Curley but I found quite a few records by him. He  shows up on my radar in about 1949/50 on Star Talent from Dallas, TX (#749 - Last on your list / Penny for your thoughts). There was a Curley Sanders (assuming it's him) appearing on the Saturday Night Shindig over WFAA (Dallas) in the early 50's. Then I find two discs on Imperial (#8197 - Love 'em country style / My heart is yours alone - Mid 53), (#8226 - Too much lovin' / I'm reaching for Heaven - Dec 53/Jan 54).
By 1956, Curley's obviously incorporated some "Cat Music" in his repertoire and he's found here hollering for all he's worth (well, not quite hollering, but there's an urgency in his vocals). The A side I've yet to hear. Neil Scott picked one up and then sold it on (dumb arse), so I never managed to hear the A side. Flip is a stop/start rocker with cool lyrics and some fine accomp. by his band (who I presume are the Santones.) I think there's an under recorded mandolin or something playing through the solos but the guitar is drowning it out. Anyhow, it's a fabulous track. Almost awesome!
Curley springs up on the Concept label twice after the issue here and records another disc on Jamboree (which isn't pressed by Starday). (Concept #897 - Dynamite / You're smiling (I'm crying) 1957 - Elizabethtown, KY), (Concept #898 - Walking blues / This time - 57/8), (Jamboree 1833 - Heartsick and blue / I'll obey my heart - 57/58 - still located in Buffalo, KY and featuring the Kentucky Rangers). After that ......I'll have to wait until somebody else tells me :-)
(MC / Dan DeClark / Terry Gordon / Neil Scott)

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Barney Koumis
27 Apr 57 Billboard Rev.
Barney Koumis
Curley Sanders - Buffalo Bop CD 55178

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