Thursday, 15 July 2010


Bangor, PA
Aug 56  (BMI clearance on 2nd Nov 56.)
TENNESSEE GEORGE and the Pennsylvania Plowboys
45-586-A - Cry baby
(No info)   (No info)
45-586-B - Butterball
(George Dry)   (Starrite BMI)

Never heard or seen the disc. In fact, if it wasn't for Al Turner sending it to me as an addition years ago, I would not have known of it's existence.
586-A was re-recorded by Dave Dudley on Starday 364.

Thanks to Michael Proost, I located a snippet of info from Billboard dated 16 Apr 55 (shown below). Thanks also to Bob, who produces the fantastic "That's All Rite Mama" blog for the offer of the label shot (same side as shown below).
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Label shot courtesy of Michael Proost.