Friday, 23 November 2018


Dec 60
45-904A - Please Don't Call Me Lonesome
(Poovey - Shell)   (Bayou State.)
45-904B - High School Love
(Poovey - Shell)   (Rebel Publ.)
DIXIE 904 / 102

Two quite nice sides from Jim Shell and Joe Poovey. (Sounds like Poovey's Band behind her). "A" side seems to have the vocals double tracked, or perhaps there's actual female backing vocals - not sure as the recordings are a little either muffled or there's a bit too much natural (or added) reverb.

Flip side is a bit clearer. Both sides smack of Nashville Country, even though they are uptempo and the guitarist has some rock and roll in his fingers. Not sure about Cheri's voice. It's not that she can't sing, but, to me, it seems to lack something. I think she's pretty young, whoever she is.

Also noticed that it seems King Records did not press this (like they had been doing previously.)

Source: Terry Gordon / Dean Craige Morris