Saturday, 12 October 2013


LEWIS PRUITT and the True Lads
Mar 58  (BMI Clearance on 5th May 1958)
CP-1460 - I'm In A Daze   (Golden State)
(Bobby Dood)
CP-1461 - Pretty baby   (Giolden State)
(Lewis Pruitt)
Box 111, Jefferson, GA

After the last few records reviewed on this site, I'd like to say there is not much disputing that this record IS a Starday Custom and fits in with the listing. Rite numbers are earlier that the Cowtowns or Beverly. Trouble is, Peach started a numbering series about this time in a rather sloppy manner - a couple of 500 series years apart for example, so perhaps we shouldn't take it for granted :-)
"Pretty Baby" is a good rocker. 

This is Neil Scott's version of a mint record. In fact, as he "downgrades" his records sometimes, the rumour that this was a mint copy until he put the sanding machine on it has yet to be proven. Though, to mimic our scummy UK journalists - "I've said it so it must be true."

Source: Neil Scott