Monday, 7 October 2013


Apr / May 1958
CP-1535 - Is That Exactly What You wanta Do   (Golden State Songs)
CP-1536 - Cause I Love You So   (Golden State Songs)
Kinson, NC

Like Cowtown 701, there's a general opinion that this fits as part of the Starday Custom series. However, this was pressed even later that Cowtown 701 - this came after Big State 718, which leaves some the believe this isn't really a true custom, rather a follow up for Beverly 701 (Anyone got info on this?)

Personally, despite it being pressed a couple of months out of sequence, it doesn't mean it isn't one. But I'm willing to be persuaded either way. Both sides published by Golden State which is a good sign.

I did have label shots for both sides, but it was from a bootleg. I've used Michel Proosts label shot from his blog "That's All Rite Mama" as (I'm hoping) this is a shot of a real copy. (Well, at least it looks more real than the boot does.) The boot 45 came with a picture sleeve -  I don't know if the original did.

Source: Michel Proost