Tuesday, 25 December 2018


KEN LIGHTER and his Hay Ryders
Feb 61
634-45-913A - The Corner Of Love
(None Listed)   (Bendon Music)
634-45-913B - Am I Still The One
(None Listed)   (Bendon Music)

Source: Terry Gordon / Phillip J Tricker

Merry Christmas to all!!!

The top side is a bit of dreary Nashville country set at a slight waltz tempo. Sorry to all Nashville country fans, but this music genre leaves me a little cold. Probably got some airplay here and there. King Records pressed this one after a small dry spell where Starday either pressed the last few themselves or went elsewhere.

Flip side is set at a better tempo (for me anyway). Still has that Nashville sound, but Ken's vocals has a bit more echo and there's more urgency in delivery. The band are very good and well rehearsed. Yeah, like this side quite a bit.