Sunday, 13 March 2011


Apr 57  (BMI Clearance on 26th April 1957.)
45-623-A - Face To Face
(B.Cole)    (Starrite BMI)
45-623-B - You Lied
(B.Cole) (Starrite BMI)

New Orleans, LA

Bob had his own radio show broadcast over WARB, Covington, LA and appeared as the MC and a singer on the "Old Country Barn Dance, which was held at the Ann Theatre, Baton Rouge, LA. (He was still appearing at the Ann Theatre in 1958, but after that I have no idea.)  (MC)


The morning after I posted this, I get two messages. One (anonymous) fills in the writers and publishing credits and one from Dean Morris who gives a brief description of both sides. Many thanks to both. Whilst sorting through a huge pile of CDR's I'm trying to sort out, I find both sides of the disc, but as there is not proper track listing, I can't work out where I got it from. Obviously he had the 45 judging by the sound quality.

A side is a slowish country ditty; a little like an early Hank Williams. (To be honest, most songs of this type always remind me of Williams). Nice dreamy steel guitar and tic-tac guitar. Guitar solo is a simple run around on the melody. The B side is faster and has a nice catchy melody. Again the guitarist skips along with the melody in the solo.

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Source: Al Turner