Sunday, 21 February 2016


LITTLE BRENDA HOLLY with Ray Guyce and his Lonesome Valley Boys
Mar 59   (BB = 11 May 59)
763-A - Lonesome Music    (Starday Music)
(Herbie Duncan)
763-B - I Don't Know    (Starday Music)
(Herbie Duncan)
Mt Vernon, IN   (Floyd Whiteman)

Brite star, owned by Floyd Whitehurst, is a particularly difficult label to get to grips with as the label seems to continue from this number, and some were sent to Starday for pressing in which they farmed out the pressing duties to Rite. The general though here is that this is a genuine Starday Custom, although one or two collectors seem to disagree.

I imagine the auther of both these songs is the ledgendary Rock-A-Billy cat Herbie Duncan of Mar-Vel Records fame.

Source: Lars Lundgren