Tuesday, 27 November 2018

DIXIE RECORDS 905 (Bandera 1310)

Dec 60
45-905A - Just For Today
(-)   (-)
45-905-B - Lilly Of The Field
(-)   (-)


An unusual entry as I have yet to see this on DIXIE RECORDS, yet it was certainly released on Bandera Records from Chicago, IL. Listed in the fantastic "The Starday Story" book by Nate Gibson, I've yet to find anybody who has a copy (although one or two says it exists.)

However, as I'm a bit of a hoarder, I have kept my original Starday Custom Listing that appeared on my old iMac which I started back in 1992 and there it is - listed as above.  I must have got it from somewhere long before Nate's book. (There is a chance he got this info from me I hasten to add.)

To make it slightly more complicated - Dean Craige Morris sent me label shots of the Bandera which has the date Jan 61 stamped on both sides - about a month after this would have been released. So, I can't shed anymore light on this mystery at this time.

Judging by the Bandera release, the A side is dreary country (sorry Buddy). Nicely recorded and all that, but it's a bit dull. I'm trying to imagine why, if it was on Dixie originally, Bandera would pick this up as I can't see the commercial appeal. The flip is pretty much the same, although a bit more reverb on his voice. I can hear Jim Reeves covering this, so maybe that was a good reason to pick it up.

I left the details blank as, not seeing the Dixie release, I cannot ascertain if the publishing and the writers credits are the same. I have posted the Bandera label shots below.

Friday, 23 November 2018


Dec 60
45-904A - Please Don't Call Me Lonesome
(Poovey - Shell)   (Bayou State.)
45-904B - High School Love
(Poovey - Shell)   (Rebel Publ.)
DIXIE 904 / 102

Two quite nice sides from Jim Shell and Joe Poovey. (Sounds like Poovey's Band behind her). "A" side seems to have the vocals double tracked, or perhaps there's actual female backing vocals - not sure as the recordings are a little either muffled or there's a bit too much natural (or added) reverb.

Flip side is a bit clearer. Both sides smack of Nashville Country, even though they are uptempo and the guitarist has some rock and roll in his fingers. Not sure about Cheri's voice. It's not that she can't sing, but, to me, it seems to lack something. I think she's pretty young, whoever she is.

Also noticed that it seems King Records did not press this (like they had been doing previously.)

Source: Terry Gordon / Dean Craige Morris

Tuesday, 20 November 2018


Dec 60
634-45-903-A - Gee It's Lonesome Here Tonight
(Everett Duncan)   (Sandra Music)
634-45-903-B - Call My Name
(Everett Duncan)   (Sandra Music)
Jonesboro, AR

Source: Jay Stern / Dean Craige Morris

This this the same Cackle Sisters as The DeZurik Sisters (Mary Jane and Carolyn)? A wonderful duo from Minnesota who lit up the airwaves on Vocalion Records amongst others and appeared on the National Barn Dance (if it is them). I'm not so sure, but what do I know?
Obviously it says Mary and Cathy, not Mary Jane and Carolyn.

Well, anyway, Both sides are country with a nice acoustic feel. Pretty good harmonies from the sisters. Musically, an acoustic guitar (maybe two actually or an electric guitar with a nice wooden tone), a fiddle and a string bass tucked far away in the background is well recorded. Nothing to set my pulses racing but something I could listen to occasionally. "Call My Name" is marginally the better side.

Sunday, 18 November 2018


Dec 60
634-45-902-A - Some Boy’s Dad
(Pat Wingo Spencer)   (Starday BMI)
634-45-902-B - A Newsboy On Christmas Eve
(Pat Wingo Spencer)   (Starday BMI)

Source: eBay / Dean Craige Morris

Simple vocals and acoustic guitar. Lovely echo on the vocals! But both sides are ballads and a bit on the "twee" side. She** has got a nice voice and the songs are nicely crafted and not the usual cliche-stuffed nonsense that was churned out on a regular basis.

But hang on ...**. A side contains the lyrics "He Said, "My Lad - You're Kind To Me" .... so is Pat a male vocalist? To me, it sure sounds like a woman's voice - a bit on the low side, but still it has a "Feminine Timbre" (Not sure if you can use the word Timbre for vocals but hopefully you know what I mean.)

Flip it over and he/says "...Act Like A Big Old Man". So, I have no idea if Pat is Male or Female. I was going to suggest maybe a male wrote the lyrics but the singer is also the songwriter - so I guess he's male. Not sure about Newsboy On Christmas Eve, as the song seems to spend most of it's time lamenting the death of a parent. Not exactly full of Christmas Cheer!

This feels like a classic song poem to me - without the dodgy vocals and nasty organ-type backing you'd get on HalMark Records. Come to think of it, I actually like this quite a lot :-)

Thursday, 15 November 2018


Dec 60
634-45-901-A - Jesus Step Right In
(E Watson)   (Golden State)
634-45-901-B - My House
(J Grant)   (Golden State)
101 Preston St, Texarkana, AR

Source: Neil Scott

There's an another one on Humming Bees label (45-10 - King Press 1134) from Texarkana, AR ("This Is Its" / "Been Born Again"). Plus, there's The "Humming Bees" on 4-STAR 1448 ("Pass Me Not" / "Working On The Building"). Not sure if they are related to the gospel group above.

Monday, 12 November 2018


Nov 60   (BB = 05 Dec 1960)
634-45-900-A - Lovely Girl
(-)   (Starday Music)
634-45-900-B - I'll Leave It Up To You
(J. Dunham)   (Starday Music)

Not seen a copy of this as yet, but notes say that it was paid for by Starday Records and put out pretty quickly after the recording session. (Did have a label shot of the "A" side but it was so blurry I deleted it - thinking I'd easily get another one :-) )

As an aside - the Buddy Meredith record on Dixie that has been listed on various sites, books and label listings is a 1956 SO pressing. The Water Maynard on Dixie 900 is a PRP pressing from 67/8.

No sooner as I posted this, Dean Craige Morris comes up with (half) the goods!
I also spelt the surname wrong and I've corrected it.