Tuesday, 27 November 2018

DIXIE RECORDS 905 (Bandera 1310)

Dec 60
45-905A - Just For Today
(-)   (-)
45-905-B - Lilly Of The Field
(-)   (-)


An unusual entry as I have yet to see this on DIXIE RECORDS, yet it was certainly released on Bandera Records from Chicago, IL. Listed in the fantastic "The Starday Story" book by Nate Gibson, I've yet to find anybody who has a copy (although one or two says it exists.)

However, as I'm a bit of a hoarder, I have kept my original Starday Custom Listing that appeared on my old iMac which I started back in 1992 and there it is - listed as above.  I must have got it from somewhere long before Nate's book. (There is a chance he got this info from me I hasten to add.)

To make it slightly more complicated - Dean Craige Morris sent me label shots of the Bandera which has the date Jan 61 stamped on both sides - about a month after this would have been released. So, I can't shed anymore light on this mystery at this time.

Judging by the Bandera release, the A side is dreary country (sorry Buddy). Nicely recorded and all that, but it's a bit dull. I'm trying to imagine why, if it was on Dixie originally, Bandera would pick this up as I can't see the commercial appeal. The flip is pretty much the same, although a bit more reverb on his voice. I can hear Jim Reeves covering this, so maybe that was a good reason to pick it up.

I left the details blank as, not seeing the Dixie release, I cannot ascertain if the publishing and the writers credits are the same. I have posted the Bandera label shots below.

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