Thursday, 29 October 2009


COTTON HENRY and the Oklahoma Hillbillies (a)
JIMMIE O’NEAL and the Oklahoma Hillbillies (b)
Late 53
PD-500-A - Patent On My Heart   (Don Carlos BMI)
(J O'Neal)
PD-500-B - Streamliner Boogie   (Don Carlos BMI)
(J O'Neal)
Los Angeles, CA

No info on who Cotton Henry is, although I found a disc on Starday 129 by a Cotton Henry (“Alibying Sweetheart / Eskimo Nell”) which could be him. For the flip, the only real info I have is that Jimmie O’Neal later owned the Rural Rhythm label out of Arcadia CA. Streamliner Boogie is a talking blues ditty with some nice guitar work - marred by poor sound quality on the disc. Don Carlos Music appears on quite a few releases on Wolf-Tex Records (Wolf City, TX)(MC /Big Al Turner / Phil Tricker / Joe Watson)

Source: Phillip J Tricker

Any info?

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