Monday, 2 November 2009


BUDDY LIVINGSTON and his All Girl Band (Vcl - Buddy and Trio)
Apr 55 (BMI clearance on 15th Apr 55)
517-A - I Can't Help The Way I Feel
(Livingston)   (Starrite)
517-B - When You Stuck Your Tongue Out At Me
(Livingston)   (Starrite)
510 West 37th St, Savannah, GA

Not heard the A side. B side is a nice hillbilly disc from Buddy and his sisters - mid tempo with good harmonies and steel guitar. Compared to the previous release (513), the actual recording sounds a little primitive and perhaps it was recorded around the same time as the release on Savannah 505. It’s a darn fine disc all the same. Also judging by when BMI cleared the song for broadcast, this disc may have been actually issued to the public (so to speak), or if you prefer - shipped to Buddy before Diamond 515 and Evangelistic 516. (I am going by the assumption that all discs were pressed and the songs were submitted to BMI once payment reached Starday.)(MC)

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Label Shots: Joe Watson

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