Saturday, 12 December 2009


LUKE GORDON and his Lonesome Drifters
Jul 56 (BMI clearance on 28th Sept 56)
45-577-A - Is It Wrong
(Gordon) (Starrite BMI)
45-577-B - What Can You Do?
(Gordon) (Starrite BMI)

Washington DC Area

Not seen or heard this disc as yet. Luke's story can be found under his previous Starday Custom Releases. Still waiting for the Luke story from Dick Grant to materialise. Will I live long enough?

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  1. From Dave Sax.
    As Andrew Brown said - these Houston, TX addresses have gotta come out! For example - it's no secret that this record originated from Washington, DC. But I'm not suggesting that this location be listed in the same way as those that are printed on the label. But a note could possibly be added at the end of the listing.

    Info: LUKE GORDON and His Lonesome Drifters. Both written by 'Gordon'. Matrix numbers actually HO-577-A/B. The Hollywood prefix got muxed in at this time. Don't know how to scan labels.

    This is his rarest in the series and, as the others, is superb if you love HB music. In some ways it's the best with the walking bass played softly with the amp turned high. Shimmering fiddle and closer to the Sun HB sound than the others. Super songs from a top artist. This is the HB review.

    Now the R&R review: Pretty good Hillbilly from an artist who has also done a few boppers.

  2. Listen to "What Can You Do?"
    here. Nice hillbilly waltz

    Dean The Drunken Hobo