Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Oct 56  (Billboard review on 15th Dec 56)
45-591-A - Living A Lie
(Gene Sterling / Bud Sloan)   (Mecca Enterprises BMI)
45-591-B - I Won't Be Back No More
(Gene Sterling / Bud Sloan)   (Mecca Enterprises BMI)
920 Third Ave, Seattle, WA

Born in Arkansas, Gene was a truck driver by day and a singer and DJ by night. In 1953, he was DJ'ing over KRSC in Seattle, WA and appearing on Seattle's "Junior Ranch Show". He was signed to Vogue Records in 1953 and had at least one release (Vogue #1022 - "So Do I" / ???). Billboard thought it routine, but then they weren't always right. 
By 1956, Billboard finds him recording the disc above. Again, they are not glowing in their praise. This was either reissued or re-recorded on the Miracle Label (Seattle, WA) sometime in the 70’s As an aside, notice neither side is published by Starrite or one of it’s affiliates. Doesn’t happen often.

There was a variety of issues on MECCA Records from Seattle, WA, though I think this may have been the only record pressed by Starday. 

(MC / Neil Davies)

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