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W.B.R.T, Bardstown, KY
Sept 56
JOE BROWN and the Black Mt. Boys with Curley Sanders and the Santones
45-589-A Midnight Rhythm
(Sanders / Shirley)   (Starrite BMI)
45-589-B Fishin' Fever
(Joe Brown)   (Starrite BMI)

Once again, nothing known about Joe Brown and his band. Curley Sanders will be covered next as he has his own release after this disc. Recorded at WBRT from Bardstown, KY so perhaps Joe was a DJ there.

"Midnight Rhythm" is a nice instrumental with fiddles and a nice guitar picker (Ody Martin??) doing a fine Chet Atkins impression. (Ody was name checked by Curley in a Billboard segment.) "Fishin' Fever" is the slightly better side with fine vocals and fine support from the Black Mt. Boys and the Santones.
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Al Turner
Al Turner

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  1. This issue is obviously the first on this label which later moved to Bon Aqua, TN
    (with rab'ies Don Wade & Ronnie Allen).
    Joe Brown was still attached to this label in November 1957 (see Billboard November 11)

    Johan L