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FRANK EVANS and his Top Notchers
Dec 56   (BMI clearance on 15th Feb 1957)
45-602-A - Barrel Of Heartaches (And A Bucket Of Tears)
(J Dunklin / J Rowell)   (Starrite BMI)
45-602-B - If You Knew
(Bonnie Burke)   (Starrite BMI)

Recorded at WHBO with Arnold Newman (Ld Gtr), Roland Newman (fiddle), Colin Thomas (Steel Gtr), Walter Studenberg (bass) and Frank on Vocals and rhythm guitar. Although neither side stands out, they are pleasant enough to listen to more than once, but sound musically inferior to their other offerings. As the Billboard advert below shows, they were performing over WHBO 5 days a week and performing live frequently.

Anybody out there got better quality label shots for this disc? For some reason, they've come out quite blurred.
(With thanks to Andrew Brown - Frank Evans article in Hillbilly Researcher #24, Al Turner, PJ Tricker)
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Phillip J Tricker

From Billboard 3 Nov 56

Phillip J Tricker

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