Saturday, 5 February 2011


Feb 57   (BMI Clearance on 5th April 1957.)
45-616-A - No Two Timing Me
(Huff / Raines)   (Starrite BMI)
45-616-B - What’s Gonna Happen To Me
(Not listed)   (Not Listed)
18 Southwest 27th, Oklahoma City, OK

As usual, despite exhaustive searching (well, browsing the internet and phoning a few people), I've found very little on this artist. I am informed that Cowboy Huff is Charlie Huff, a singer, songwriter and record label owner from Oklahoma. As Charlie Huff, he cut at least one good rocker on Arlo Records (which he may have owned) {She's My baby / Hiding My Tears - Arlo 100} which also appeared on Huff Records (#100). (Both labels carry the same Oklahoma City, OK address). There's also a Cowboy Charlie Huff LP on Northstar 1001, which may be the same guy. Also Billboard magazine mentions (25th Mar 67) that ...."Charles "Cowboy" Huff is trying to sell all of part of his publishing firm, Record Masters."
Also found two 4-Star Releases {4-Star 1190 "Conversations with a mule / Sad Sack"} and {4-Star 1191 "Maybe next week sometime / High hat blues"}, plus a couple of 45's on North Star (727 and 729), plus a couple of later Huff Records (722 and 723). (Man, I should check my database more regularly).

As for this record, the A side is a fast(ish) hillbilly number with fiddles taking the solo and what sounds like an accoustic guitar taking the place of a stand-up bass. (The record is a little stomped on so I'm not sure). B side is more of the same really. I like Huff's vocals - he's got that Texas/West Coast drawl to his voice. Obviously as a fan of Rock-A-Billy, it's hard for me to get too excited about these, but I can imagine Phil Tricker hopping around the kitchen when he spins this on his decks while Al Turner desperately tries to catch the flying plates, saucers and teapot in Phil's wake! (MC)

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  1. Charlie Huff was a bit of a local celebrity in the Oklahoma City area in the 1950's. He performed for trade shows, etc. He performed on a regular basis as local and county meetings for Oklahoma Farmers Union. He was a fun entertainer to watch if a person liked 1950's "country music".

  2. cowboy charlie huff was a friend of mine, when i was a young girl and a friend of my brothers, charlie hung out alot at geno's cafe that use to be on s.w. 26th and agnew he was a really good guy, i remember when the singers from nashville came and got him cause charlie was doing a little to much drinking, charlie use to sing to me out of the back of his camper truck where he lived for a while when he was down on his luck.