Wednesday, 9 October 2013


May 58
CP-1557 - Oklahoma Waltz
               A Picture Of You
CP-1558 - Indigo Blue
              Learning The Mambo
COWTOWN ep 702
Po Box 192, Avery, TX   (John Stephenson)

This was pressed even further away than Beverly 701. I can't seem to locate my label shots for this but I seem to remember both sides were at least mostly Starrite BMI. More of a continuation of Cowtown Records than anything else, Starday could have still been paid to press this (and again sending it to Rite). 

You think this is confusing - wait until I get to Brite Star!

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  1. I remember Cowtown Records had an ad in almost every issue of Country Song Roundup in the early 1970's (as did Brite Star Records). Both ran third-page ads and apparently offered the same type of services. Stephenson was usually pictured in a large photo in his ad and the ads usually mentioned three to five songs and songwriters on Cowtown Records but alas did not list catalog numbers, B sides, or if these songwriters recorded the songs themselves or not. Brite Star was even more vague about their record releases in the ads although at least a few of their records appear to be slightly easier to find online via ebay and discogs. Billie Jo Spears somehow got on the Brite Star label between gigs for Capitol and United Artists in 1972, the biggest "name" I'm aware of associated with either label.