Sunday, 1 January 2017


Hello People

Just to let you know there will be no more posts between now and 30 Jun 2017 as I have to add all the biographical info on the ones I've missed between 500 - 635. This is due to a forthcoming Starday Custom Box Set (or two) which is in the process of being put together.

Before you ask:

No, I don't know when it's out    (This year hopefully)
No, I'm not sure where you can get it (but Sounds That Swing in Camden Town, London, UK will definately stock it when it's out)
No, it's nothing to do with Sounds That Swing before you inundate them with emails.
No, It's not me that's putting it all together
Yes, I will do an update of any additional info at the end of each month.

I don't know any more than that.

If I get everything done before the end of June then I'll continue. Any additional info is welcome.
Occasionally I might throw up a post requesting information.



CUSTOMS 500 - 552 UPDATED (Where there was anything to update).
02 JUL 2017 - Now up to 561

(Sorry - this is taking a lot longer than expected, due mainly to my job and illness.)