Wednesday, 14 August 2019

D D RECORDS 944 - 45-61 002

Sept 61
634-EP-944-A – Smiles
(None)   (None)
                       Clap Hands
(None)   (None)
634-EP-944-B – The Happytime Song
(None)   (None)
                        Oh Who Can Make A Flower
(None)   (None)
D D 45-61 002

Source: Phillip J Tricker

An EP of children singing. Pleasant enough - but after a few minutes my ears begin to ache. Always cute to hear children singing but the off-key bits, whilst justified due to their age, does wear you down after a while.

Still, all these years later, perhaps the now grown up Happytimers can look back on this and listen with a smile on their faces for a job well done.

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