Friday, 30 October 2009


BUDDY LIVINGSTON and his All-Girl Band
Apr 54 (BMI clearance on 4th May 1954)
505-A - Back When She Was Young    (Starrite BMI)
505-B - Write Me Right Away    (Starrite BMI)
Rt 4 - Ogeeche Rd, Savannah, GA
The A side is a boppin’ hillbilly disc from Savannah, GA featuring fiddle, piano and steel guitar, with a double bass break sandwiched between. Flipside is more of the same. The A side was rerecorded soon after (see Savannah 513). Buddy was based in Savannah, Georgia. His “All-Girl” band were actually his sisters. According to the Billboard Music Magazine dated 25th Oct 1952, the band consisted of Mary Frances Livingston on bass, Buddy was on steel gtr, Christine Livingston on fiddle and Willine Livingston on electric guitar and was about to embark on a King Recording pact. Their manager was their father, Dave Livingston. He also recorded for Scottie Records. Buddy was still performing around Savannah, GA in the 60’s. His band at this time were called Buddy Livingston and the Versitones and Buddy sang and played bass, performing mainly at a club called “The Bamboo Ranch”. They also had their own 30 minute TV show on WTOC. Billy Joe Royal (of “Down In The Boondocks” fame) was also a featured vocalist for a time. The “Bamboo Ranch” burnt down in 1970, allegedly under suspicious circumstances, though I hasten to add that Buddy and the band weren’t party to this or were inside at the time. (MC / Phil Tricker / Gutrumble Blog - Apr 2005).

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