Friday, 13 November 2009


Mar 56 (BMI clearance on 13th April 56)
546-A - I Had A Chance
(No writers info) (Golden State Songs)
546-B - Carry On
(No writers info) (Golden State Songs)

A nice piano led gospel-type number, sung with feeling (as almost all gospel records are). Both sides are slightly similar to each other and that’s a good thing cos it’s a great record. I found a Walter Ponder Jr listed on the net as having a CD release in 2001 (Breathless - no label info) where he sings 14 gospel songs. The brief bio says he was a two time winner of a contest at the the Apollo Theatre in NYC (no dates). he also had his own TV show in Jacksonville, FL and has been singing since the age of four. He also had his own prison ministry and apparently received high recognition for his rendition of the National Anthem. He was last heard of running and  organizing "Thunderbolt Ministrys" out of Jacksonville. # 521 lists SC as the location, but this and the previous disc doesn't have a location. Is is part of the same label, or is this like Dixie Records - one label - various locations.(MC)

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  1. I have just picked up this 78rpm today. It has a Hoyt Sullivan blue label and the SC address. It is an amazing record.