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LUKE GORDON acc by C Smith and the Tenn Haymakers
Mar 56
45-550-A - Goin' Crazy
(L Gordon)    (Starrite BMI)
45-550-B - Married Life
(L Gordon)    (Starrite BMI)
L and C RECORDS 550
Washington, DC

Luke Gordon was born Gordon Brown in Quincy, Kentucky on Friday 15th April, 1932; and was next to the youngest of 6 boys and 2 girls. Luke started his music career on radio station WPAY in Portsmouth, Ohio with the Rhythm Rascals and became good friends with Zeke Mullins who was a DJ at WPAY. Luke served in the US. Army during the Korean Conflict and upon his discharge in 1953 he headed for Norfolk, Virginia where he met up with Jimmy Dean and did a show with him. He then went from there to Warrenton, Virginia with Jimmy and they won the 'Best Vocalist' at a JC contest. He also appeared on the 'Old Dominion Barn Dance in Richmond, Virginia. Luke then went to Tennessee and entertained the folks with Ray Price and The Western Cherokees.
After his stint in Tennessee he returned to Virginia and the Washington D.C. area to work with fiddler Curley Smith at radio station WGAY, Silver Springs, Maryland and do personal appearances. Curley set up a number of recording sessions for Luke with Ben Adelman and the result was released on L and C and STARDAY during 1956. Luke started his own QUINCY record label which was based in Quincy, Kentucky. He also appeared on ISLAND, BLUE RIDGE, EMPIRE and NASHVILLE amongst others. (The Quincy label better known for the barn storming “Rock Pretty Mama” by Billy Adams).

“Married Life” is a Luke The Drifter type monologue which bemoans how bad married life can be. I class this type of song as “Bar Room Advice”, the wisdom of an unhappily married man. (Then again, if they were so smart ....... ) “Goin’ Crazy” is a nice shuffling country ditty, supported by a fine lead guitarist. Dick Grant has just done an extensive interview with Luke so hopefully more info will follow., although, at the time of writing, it's been at least 8 years since Dick mentioned sending me the interview.

LABEL SHOTS: Kent Heineman and Lars Lundgren

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