Wednesday, 11 November 2009


HAROLD SMITH with Slim Green and the Trailriders and Danny Clark
Feb 56 (BMI clearance on 9th March 56)
543-A - Waiting For Someone
(H Smith) (Starrite BMI)
543-B - Listen To Me Baby
(H Smith) (Starrite BMI)
Savannah, GA
Nothing on Harold Smith at present. The slow A side is another tale of a broken heart with some nice and simple steel guitar through the solo, accompanied by a competent piano player. Flip is a fast “call-and-response” disc which reminds me of a typical early hillbilly disc from Fortune Records (Detroit, MI). Great boogie piano throughout with nice fiddle, steel and guitar breaks. On the label, it states "A DC-HS Production", which is Danny Clark and Harold Smith. (MC)

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