Thursday, 19 November 2009


Apr 56 (BMI clearance on 26th May 56)
ST-2421 - It's Music She Says
(Cindy Davis / Larry Stone) (Starrite BMI)
ST-2422 - Sick And Tired
(Cindy Davis / Joe Drew) (Starrite BMI)
Lucky, Doug and the more famous sibling, Link hailed from North Carolina, although by the early 50’s they were playing in and around Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia. (Lucky (real name Vern) took the name lucky because of his luck at gambling). The original band were called Lucky Wray and the Lazy Pine Wranglers, playing mainly Country / Western / Hillbilly music. They worked mainly at the Fernwood Farms Dance Hall in Virginia. By 1955, they had renamed themselves Lucky Wray and the Palomino Ranch hands and had relocated to Washington, DC, which included Shorty Horton on bass. The track above (and the other two singles) were cut at Ben Alderman’s studio. The A side on this disc bops along with Links’ guitar to the fore and an unknown steel guitarist - a hillbilly bopper that’s almost Rock-A-Billy. Flip is more mainstream hillbilly with Vern in fine vocal form and nice harmonies in the chorus. Both sides sport a Starday matrix which makes me wonder if Starday were considering placing this in their main series instead of pressing it up as a custom. (MC / Link Wray - Missing Links Vol 1 - (Norton CED 210) - notes by Billy Millar).

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