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DON OWENS and the Circle "O" Ranch Boys
May 56 (BMI clearance on 18th May 56)
45-559-A - Somethings You Cannot Change
(Owens) (Starrite BMI)
45-559-B - Adios Novia

(Owens) (Starrite BMI)
(Artist based around Arlington, VA)

This Don Owens was a DJ who broadcasted over WARL (Arlington, VA)and he once appeared on a Jimmie Rogers Memorial Show with the likes of Hank Snow and Ernest Tubb. (Billboard also mentioned that attendance was very good despite the almost torrential rain that poured from the heavens that day) He also appeared before the Pastore Senate Subcommittee in 1958, saying that " ... The strongest condemnation of rock & roll and country music comes from people who have never spent five minutes paying attention to it." (Good for him, although, as a DJ & musical director of Arlington's only country music station, I doubt if he was defending R&R - but still ... kudos to the man for speaking his mind in public.) A further tale from this artists was mentioned in Billboard in Oct 55 which states ... "Don Owens, WARL, Arlington, VA debuted a new ballad recently on one of his shows that was composed by a local detective and his prisoner. The unusual writing team got together when Detective Alvin Fuchsman picked up 24 year old Ted Borrelli of Hoboken, NJ on a vagrancy charge. Upon discovering that the prisoner had with him some 50 odd poems that he had written, the detective put music to a few, tape recorded one of them ("Underneath The Lamp Post") which was later played by Deejay Owens.
Before this disc, he also appeared on CORAL Records (Mr Mystery Moon / 
I’m Not Ashamed - #61297) and also appeared on the Blue Ridge Label.

Don had a Regular TV show broadcasting out of WTTG (The Don Owens TV Jamboree) and was manager of Vernon Taylor, the Sun artist. 

Sadly, Don Owens was killed when he fell asleep at the wheel of his car (this was the second, or third time he had fallen asleep at the wheel.) It is said this was due to the long hours as a DJ, and his TV Show.

Musically, Don almost talks his way through the A side instead of singing. It's a nice love song I guess and the band are excellent. Flip side is more of the same really. I could hear Hank Williams singing this song better. Danny Pendleton is on steel guitar.
 (MC / John Burton)

Label Shots courtesy of PJ Tricker.

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