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Apr 56
557-A - Lights In The Valley
(No credits) (No publication info)
557-B - My Jesus is the one
(No credits) (No publication info)
Greensboro, SC

The Lewis Family were from Lincolnton, GA originally. According to the Starday LP (All Night Singing Convention - Starday LP 252), the family consisted of Polly, Janice, Maggy (or Meggy / Miggy - depending on where you read it), Pop Lewis (String Bass), Little Roy (Banjo), Wallace (Guitar). They made at least 12 LP’s for Starday as well as Nashville records and Canaan records (Waco, TX.)

This (and the next release) were possibly their first recordings. At this time the band consisted of Talmadge (Mandolin), Esley (Bass), Wallace (Guitar), Roy (“Pop”) and Little Roy (Banjo). The sessions were held at WJAT in Swainsboro, GA and was originally intended for the Bibletone label. When that went bust before being able to release any of their recordings, they had them issued on Sullivan Records from Greenwood, SC. Hoyt (Label owner sponsored thet family on the TV station WJBF in Augusta, GA where it continued for an astonishing 38 years!

Hoyt then leased a few sides to Hollywood Records before they recorded for Starday Records proper.

Sadly, even after 20 years of hunting, I’ve never seen label shots of these discs, nor have I managed to hear these recordings. (They did rerecord a few of the titles later on.) They were also released on 78RPM speed.

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