Thursday, 26 November 2009


930 West 7th Place, Los Angeles 17, CA
ROD BURTON - Moviecraft Orchestra
ROD BURTON and GWEN REYNOLDS - Moviecraft Orchestra
Jun 56
566-A - I'd Like To Be A Baby Sitter
(Morris-Gerard) (Golden State Songs BMI)
566-B - "I'm Dolling You Up For" Somebody Else
(Morris-Gerard) (Golden State Songs BMI)

The only info we had on this disc was a black acetate. No labels, no info, just the info in the dead wax. Now, after close to 20 years, here at last is the disc! I'm not going to pretend I know too much about the song-poem legacy of some artists, but Rod Burton's name crops up occasionally on obscure labels from God-Knows-Where. If there's anybody out there that can fill in some details on him, I'd be more than willing to add it. 

As for the music, I'm just waiting for the MP3s to arrive to compare them to the acetate (Just in case they're a little different) and I'll be able to tell you more. Well, probably not MUCH more, but just enough.

A huge thanks to Toms Sims who found a copy of the disc.
Feel free to Email me! with any other info on the label or artist.

Tom Sims

Tom Sims


  1. From Dave Sax:
    I was amazed to take a look back here and find this, having been the owner of the acetate and the source of the recording you heard. This has been a real stubborn one - so big kudos go to Tom!

    Musically it's a bandleader who gets pretty hep on two good solid songs. I'm interested in the 'Morris' writer's credit and wonder if it's Jack Morris. There were several srtists of this type on the Coast at this time - many on 4 Star & Sage.

    [Does anyone actually see comments for old entries like this? - Wouldn't a forum incorporated within the blog be the way to go? - then new comments are seen and interesting discussion can take place].

  2. I just found a copy of this 45 recently, great to fill another custom 45 gap, it's not the greatest, but it's still a nice mid tempo ditty for sure