Thursday, 3 February 2011


LUCKY WRAY with Link and Doug Wray
Jan 57   (BB rev = 6 Apr 57)
45-608-A - Teenage Cutie
(H Albert / C Davis / L Wray)   (Starrite BMI)
45-608-B - You're My Song
(B Baker / J Williams / L Wray / C Davis)   (Starrite BMI)

Killer Rock-A-Billy and classy ballad from Lucky and Link. A side is fast, mean and moody with Lucky's understated vocals threatened by Link who threatens to steal the proceedings with a flick of his pick up switch. The ballad side is a dreamy affair with Link almost sounding like a steel guitar in parts. Sadly this was their last appearance on a Starday-Custom pressed disc (as far as we know anyways). Both Link and Lucky (to a lesser extent), went on to bigger and better things. I saw Link Wray quite a few years ago in the UK and my hearing still hasn't recovered!

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Label Shots: Neil Scott.

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