Thursday, 3 February 2011


Jan 57   (BB rev = 9 Mar 57)
45-609-A - Just Like A Fool
(Ruth Snider / B Shaw)   (Starrite BMI)
45-609-B - I belong To You
(Ruth Snider / B Shaw)   (Starrite BMI)

Two ballads from Buddy. Both are pleasant without being exceptional. Nice snippet of overloaded each just as he starts singing on the A side. I especially like Buddy's "Hick" Vocals. Band lend fair support with steel guitar being the prominent lead instrument. My notes from the 80's note the artist was possibly from Kentucky, but I have no way of knowing if that's true. (Probably not bearing in mind the source of the info). Luckily for guys like me who crave the more RaB type of music, Buddy comes alive later on in the series. Both sides are co written with Ruth Snider -  A name I've seen before on writers credits but can't place where. (I'd never make a journalist - can't locate facts and can't afford to tap into peoples mobile phones {UK readers will understand that statement} but I could always make it up as I go along, therefore securing a job at one of the Red Top Newspapers).

UPDATE 2 hrs later :-)

Gee, no sooner than I file this, I find the photo at the end of this blog on a CDR of saved material. As the fan club is based in Texas, is it safe to assume Buddy is from the same state?

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Label Shots: Kent Heineman and Lars Lungren

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