Sunday, 23 June 2013


HARRY PEPPEL and his Shenandoah Valley Rangers
(Side A by Tommy Donohue)  (Side B by Dick Dorn)
Mar 58
CP-1444 - One Night's Love  (Starrite BMI)
              Oh My Aching Head   (Stephenson Music)
CP-1445 - Thermostat baby   (Starrite BMI)
              Old Fashioned Waltz   (Starrite BMI)
Po Box 1694, Ft Worth, TX  (JW Stephenson)

Another Rite pressed Starday Custom. JW Stephenson owned Cowtown Records which dabbled in Song/Poems and self-financed record releases on the label, as well as taking a punt on a few with his own money. Cowtown issued some fine music here and there. Label based around Avery, TX, although here Fort Worth is mentioned as the address. The Dick Dorn sides are especially nice on this EP.
Harry Peppel is a mystery to me - although I am informed his name appears on a few more records dotted around the US, but I have no details at present. (He does appear on an earlier Cowtown release in this series.)

I have to mention that there is another contender for the #700 spot - see next post - but with the Rite information, the dating of this record seems to fit in the listing quite nicely.

Source: Terry Gordon

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