Sunday, 14 July 2013


700-A - Why Not Honey
700-B - (Unknown)

One of the many mysteries regarding Starday Customs is this one. In 30 years I have never seen this record, heard it or even know anybody who has a copy. BUT ...... a Spanish collector, who's opinion I tend to value, says he has heard this record back in the 70s or 80's and it does indeed (obviously) exist. He described it as a "little like Truitt Forse" which is high praise indeed!

I have also seen this listed as having Lou Walker on the flip side - both sides of the Starday 701 release. No idea where this comes from either. 

Perhaps anybody else can fill in any blanks on this record? 

14 Jul 2013 - Update.

To correct my last statement, the collector I mentioned had NOT heard or seen this record. Apparently, a french collector heard this track at Don Pierces' office and that it was on a (possible) acetate and probably unissued. To confound matters, when asked about the record years later, he denied he'd ever heard it, despite actually sending a letter to another collector to announce what he'd just heard at Dons. Time can play tricks on us all I guess. (I can't remember who I am most mornings). A collector even hired a private detective in the 70's to try and find a Tex Turner but drew a blank. (I have omitted the names of the collectors as they have not given me permission to use their names in this.)

Another note I found which I had written back in the 80's was that Tex Turner was a pseudonym for another artist and may have appeared on a Dixie ep. Where I got that snippet from is anybody's guess as I never wrote down my sources until the 90's (and by then it was too late to remember some of them).

 I love a mystery - as long as I can have the answers at the end!

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