Monday, 9 November 2009


ROY FISHER and the Rhythm Riders
Nov 55 (BMI clearance on 9th December 55)
45-533-A - Just Suppose
(Fisher)    (Starrite BMI)
45-533-B - I've Got A feeling
(Fisher)    (Starrite BMI)
222 West 5th Street, Michigan City, IN
Well, I may well have a label shot, but as yet I haven't heard this disc. As for the artist - once again I have as much info as a UK bank manager has integrity. There was a Roy Fisher who recorded for the New England record label in 1961 ("Pool Stick Window" / " Moon Powers" - #1004) which could be the same guy, but I'm clutching at straws here really. (New England was out of Houston, TX circa 1961/2 and owned by Dan R Andrade.) (MC)

6 June 2013 - Heard the B side at least. Hillbilly with a beat is the way I can describe it. Kind of like Chandros McRill on Stardust Records. Pretty good. The "swing" of the record would make it collectible. Note the reply below by a resident of Michigan City. Many thanks for that ....(MC)

Label Shots: Kent Heineman and Lars Lundgren

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  1. I live in Michigan City, Ind. where this record is from and you would very occasionally see it around.I used to have it. It is country music in the hillbilly/steel guitar style. Some call it rockabilly, but it really is only pre-rockabilly. The house at 222 W. 6th is no longer standing. Stewy M.