Monday, 9 November 2009


FRANK EVANS and the Western Hayriders
Jan 56
45-540-A - I'm Different
(Gene Rutland) (Starrite BMI)
45-540-B - Another Love Like You
(Gene Rutland) (Starrite BMI)
Florida Area
I would have drawn a blank on this artist too if it wasn’t for the excellent article on Frank by Andrew Brown that appeared in Hillbilly Researcher No.24. Frank was singing as a child on WHBO in Tampa, FL. (According to Frank, the radio station was so small, the signal “ ... just barely made it over the tree tops”. He was 15 years old when he cut this, his first recording, at the Burdette Sound Studios in Tampa, backed by the Western Hayriders (who were already an established band by this time and included Pete Howell on Ld Gtr and Dusty Robbins on Stl Gtr). Frank plays the banjo on these sides. The A side is a nice uptempo number with Frank soloing on the banjo with nice support from both lead and steel guitar. The flipside is a hillbilly weeper. It’s a great debut from an underated artist. Soon after, Frank formed his Top Notchers (more on them later on Starday 567). (MC / Hillbilly Researcher No. 24 - Andrew Brown)

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