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LITTLE TEXARENA with Texas Roy Lucas and his Rangers
Dec 55 (BMI clearance on 6th Jan 1956)
537-A - Jolly Old Fellow
(Lucy N Penny) (Starrite BMI)
537-B - Oh Gee - Oh Gosh - Oh Golly
(F Rodgers / R Lucas) (Starrite BMI)
4414 West Crest, Tampa, FL

Thanks to Al Turner and Derik Olsen, I finally heard this disc as it was for sale on ebay recently. I has this originally listed as "FRANCIS RODGERS AND RAY LUCAS // Mrs LUCY N PENNEY" but now I have label shots, I've corrected the Artist info and added a label address. (The guys listed are actually the writers.)

Both sides are sung by a female child (well, I guess it's a female), but despite that (because on the whole - child artists tend to be a little dire), she sings pretty well. The band is a bit "twee" for me - a kind of cross between hillbilly and polka, but nevertheless, it's a decent 45. Not one that I'd sell my grandmother for, but I might consider pawning her false teeth :-)

I'm guessing that Ray Lucas owned the label and possibly the singer is related to him. Probably wrong, but I'd be glad to be corrected on this matter. I'm also curious why Little Texarena and Texas Ray Lucas are on a label with a Florida address. 

See below for one comment regarding location and a correction on spelling.(MC)

Source: Al Turner (via ebay)

Source: Al Turner (via ebay)

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  1. It's indeed Texas --ROY-- Lucas not Ray. In 1946 & 1947, he was in Utah, before relocating to Florida where he was active in 1953 and later. (from various results from Google)