Sunday, 1 November 2009


JERRY HOPKINS and the Southern Playboys
Dec 54 (BMI clearance on 21st Jan 1955)
509-A - Cuddle Up To Me   (BMI)
509-B - My Everlasting Love   (BMI)
(Moore / Hopkins)
1315 Montgomery St, St Louis, MO
Once again, no info on the artist. (There's a pattern emerging here ......) The DART version of “My Everlasting Love” is different to the version released on STARDAY 182 (“Mamma Baby” / “My Everlasting Love”), and I'm guessing this was the first release since the Starday disc was reviewed by Billboard on 18th June, 1955. The A side on the Dart disc is the uptempo tune with fiddle, guitar and steel guitar. B side’s pleasant enough weeper. DART 509 was issued on both 45 and 78rpm formats. Note the lack of publishing details - a rarity for a Starday Custom.(MC / Al Turner).

Any info?

Label Shots: Phil Tricker

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