Sunday, 1 November 2009


JERRY and the String Trio

Jan 55 (BMI clearance on 28th Jan 55)

511-A - Lead Me To The Promise Land (sic)

(No writers credits)   (Starrite BMI)

511-B - Judgement Day
(No writers credits)   (Starrite BMI)
1417 Ryan Street, Lake Charles, LA

Although both sides of the record credit vocals to Jerry and Steve, only 511-A is a duet. It’s a wonderful disc that has been described as an early example of “Gospelbilly”, although I think only the gospel part is correct. Nevertheless, you could say that the music certainly has rockabilly overtones., especially the “B” side. No writers credits and although Starrite published both sides, that info seems to have been left off of the label. As far as I know, there’s only two known copies of this disc. As yet, it has not surfaced as a 45 and probably only exists in it’s 78 format. (MC / Phil Tricker/Al Turner/Dave Sax).

Any info? Email me!

Label Shot: Al Turner via E-Bay. (a), Pascal Perrault (b)

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  1. Finally it seems that another copy showed up on Ebay, I assume recently. So that would be about 45 years since I grabbed my copy [unfortunately not for much longer] out of a pile of Louisiana 78s, mainly blues.

    Ever since then it has been a confirmed favourite of mine. I gave Cees recordings of it for Dixie CD 6666 as well as some others over 15 years ago but he unfortunately saw fit to add echo throughout the entire two volumes and I never play them. He knows better now and I have had to forgive. . .

    If you want higher resolution scan(s) of this or many others let me know. I don't know how to upload them. Dave Sax.