Sunday, 1 November 2009


Feb 55 (BMI clearance 25th Feb 55)
514-A - Rest Of My Life
(Forse)   (Starrite BMI)
514-B - You Better Go Now
(Forse)   (Starrite BMI)
Bronson, TX
As far as I’m concerned, not only is this the first real true rockabilly disc in the series, but if there was ever a top ten Starday Custom listing, this would definitely be included! Great rockabilly guitar led, slap bass bopper featuring Beamon on vcls, his brother Ted on lead guitar, JT “Tiny” Smith on bass, Charlie Craddock on steel guitar and and unknown piano player. Born Beamon Tom Forse on 4th December 1934 in San Augustine, TX, he had a radio show with his brother Ted at KTXJ (Jaspar, TX) and he knew George Jones since he was a child.This disc was cut at Gold Star Studios, Houston TX., and it was inspired by hearing Elvis Presley’s “That’s All Right Mama” being played over the radio. The disc was financed by Rodney Spaford (hence the label name I guess) who was a rich guy from Sabine, TX. Beamon moved to California after this release, and he recorded as Tom Forse on Rich-Vein Records (owned by Terry Fell and features Eddie Cochran on guitar). Beamon also booked top acts on the west coast and wrote songs for Terry Fell, who would pay him cash for them. Beamon died in 2004, leaving behind seven children (and a few grandchildren I imagine). Beamon and Truitt Forse were cousins. (See Starday 596 when I get to publishing it). As yet, I’ve never heard the A side, but it was supposedly issued on both 45 and 78rpm formats. Anybody got a photo of this guy? (MC / John Burton / Phil Tricker / Pascal Perrault / Neil Scott).

Any info? Email me!

Label Shot: Pascal Perrault

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