Sunday, 1 November 2009


EARLY GRAHAM and his Musical Drifters
Nov 54 (BMI Clearance on 18th Dec 1954)
508-A - I Wish You'd Start Fooling Again   (Starrite BMI)
508-B - Stop Fooling My Heart   (Starrite BMI)
Rt 6 - Box 374-D, Henderson, TX
Another fine hillbilly disc with Grahams' lazy, perhaps slightly flat vocals supported by a tight little combo featuring guitar and steel. The B side is a good mid tempo hillbilly song. Andrew Brown states "Early L. Graham was born August 24, 1909 in Arkansas, but resided in Rusk County, Texas most of his life. He died October 4, 1978, aged 69 years old. So he was about 45 when he made this, his only known record."(MC / Andrew Brown).

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