Sunday, 1 November 2009


Jan 55 (BMI clearance on 28th Jan 1955)
510-A - Mended Heart
(Mayo / Simon)   (BMI)
510-B - Who Winds Your Clock
(B Hughes / B Bates)   (BMI)
17024 South Western Ave, Gardena, CA
Both sides are uptempo hillbilly (again) with piano and fiddle. Ray seems to have a little trouble with both timing (to me, he sounds slightly ahead of the band in places but he catches up after the solo) and rhyming but both sides are pleasant enough. B side has a very slight “double-entendre” nature about it; probably a little racy for the staid ol’ fifties but milder than watered down mustard by today’s standards. Regardless, the "Not Recommended For Radio Broadcast" stamp can be found just above the title. “Who Winds Your Clock” was previously recorded by Bucky Bates on 4-Star 1295 in 1949, and rereleased later on 4-Star 1559 in 1951. Just as the last release, the publishing info is left to plain old BMI instead of the usual "Starrite". And for the first time so far, I'd like to present label shots NOT owned by Phil Tricker. It's a good job they're friends otherwise Phil would be sending a hit man to Al's door.(MC / Al Turner).

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Label Shots:  Al Turner

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